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Good photographs that capture the spirit of an individual or provide visualizations of commercial concepts or simply look great framed on your wall don't need to cost as much as they do. There have been tremendous advances in photographic technologies over the past 10 years. Things have come a long way since the days of film, chemicals, enlargements, and print orders from specialized print labs. Yet so many photographers are still charging outlandish prices for these products and services. By having an all digital workflow I do not see the reason I shouldnt to pass the cost savings on to you, the customer. I do this by providing you with full sized color corrected images with minor retouching on DVD/CD with full print personal use releases, reserving the physical print orders for specialized presentations like photos on steel plates or gallery wrapped images on canvas. By providing you the images with the personal use print releases you are free to get prints made from where ever you like, I recommend mpix or some other online sites where you can get pro results at the best prices.