Commercial Photography

Corporate and Advertising

I have worked with several clients in State College and around central Pennsylvania. I provide value based images that are aesthetically matched photographs for corporate needs in advertising, industrial, architectural, people, and more.

I also have an ever growing stock photo portfolio and I sell my images through these various stock photo agencies. Please feel free to use the referall links below.

More specific corporate needs.

Stock photographs are a great way to inexpensivly use popular photos to illustrate your point. As well as being budget friendly stock photographs are plentiful and offer a wide range of royalty free and extended licensing plans. But if the stock photos you are looking for are close but just not quite what you want or the restrictions of royalty free images aren't working for you either. Stock images also won't work when the photos need to be of your product, facility, employees, or management. This is when hiring a photographer comes in. Every project has it's own special needs and I fully understand that and bid on each project individually. I approach commercial photography the same way I do with all of the other services I offer. I do not charge the 100's and possibly 1000's of dollars to license a single image or charge premium prices for creative services. If you find that the stock photos aren't working for you or that you have specific photographic needs for brochures, tradeshows displays, product images, or corporate reports please contact me, I am more than willing to go over your individual project needs with you.