Portrait Photography


My goal with portrait photographs is to showcase your character and energy with creative and unique images at affordable prices.

Wanting to capture a memory or specific time in your life shouldn't require you to hustle up the whole family and fight your way to a crowded studio filled with ancient props and generic backdrops from a decade ago, or parade through the local mall dressed to the 9s to be put through the embarasing movements of becoming a window display. I can provide you with a full studio experience with unique and distinctive backdrops full and complete studio lighting regardless if we are at my facility, the comfort of your own home, or on location at one of Central Pennsylvanias beautiful landscapes.

What you get

Lets talk about what you get and why. I provide you with a disc (DVD) with full size images from your portrait session color corrected and ready to print. Included on the disc is also a personal use print release. This means you can get the prints that you want from the trusted establishment that you use for your own photogaphs, but it doesn't allow you to sell your images to another company/person for commercial use. I also include a set of images sized perfectly for your various social networks like facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedin, and the like. I only ask that you attribute me some how along with the photo, but if you don't want to that's perfectly fine. The photos are pictures of you, your family, and your loved ones now you can have the photos printed and use the images openly and freely.


Some places, including the local megla marts charge what I consider an exceptional amount of money for even 1 single photo on a disc with a release. Locally you can get a single full sized image on disc with a print release for $50.00. That's fifty dollars for 1 single image! With my packages all the images are full sized with print releases. I include most all usable images on the disc, except those that are near identical or are unusable. This gives you an even greater value by allowing you to have the photos that you want and not the selected images that someone has chosen for you to pick from. So lets get down to the cost

The two things, as reflected above in the pricing of my portrait packages, that affect the price are people and time. The deliverable photo disc with releases are included in every package quoted above at no additional fee.